Radoslav Popov

This is the web based version of Radoslav Popov (hey, that's me).

Don't expect to find any useful information here. I tend to keep that for TRL.



In case you don't know it yet, my name is Radoslav Popov (Радослав Попов) and I am a software engineer / front-end / JavaScript / web developer or whatever we call our occupation these days.


I started with PHP and some front-end stuff back in 2007, then quickly moved to Java for some 4 years. In the meantime I realized me and Java are not meant to be.

Present and Future

I currently create objects without the need to first define classes. This is known as magic, or also known as JavaScript. I work for Milestone Systems where we build a Single Page Application based on web standards and HTML5.

However, I sometimes tend to do things that are not related in any way to my daily work (some people call them hobbies).

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